It is very common in today’s date that organizations would like to create cloud-native solutions which are easy to deploy on any cloud platform. While evolving towards a microservices architecture, the biggest change is that the monolith application has been divided into multiple independent processes(or services), as a result, a method call between software modules now becomes a remote procedure call go through multiple services..

Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of small autonomous services, modeled around a Business Domain. …

We generally deploy our instances in a private network within our VPC in order to securely access them. However, for these instances, we require an outbound connection in order to have the latest OS security patches, and sometimes even some applications might need to connect to third-party URLs for various reasons. To have access to the internet we more often use cloud-provided services like NAT Gateway.

The below diagram depicts the typical deployment and usage of NAT Gateway

Nat gateway is highly available and takes care of most of the responsibility in terms of managing the service. But it becomes…

This blog is more about how we can effortlessly migrate our on-prem machines and Applications to the AWS cloud platform. In order to do this, we will be consuming the CloudEndure service which easily assists us to do our end to end migration.

CloudEndure is a SAAS service that automatically does a lift-and-shift (rehost) solution that simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of migrating applications to AWS.

In this article, we will be migrating our virtual machines from one region to another region. The source can vary in your case it can be your on-premies. …

Aws codepipeline provides integration with most of the third-party repositories but for Gitlab’s the pipeline doesn’t supports the build in integration therefore it becomes challenging for developers to have a complete stack set of CICD pipeline.

This blog is more about how we can overcome this challenge and build a complete end-to-end pipeline. There are different ways to achieve this. Here we are using one of the easiest technique

The following diagram depicts how the CICD pipeline is set up for GitLab’s using s3 as a source and its different components

In order to integrate Gitlabs with Code Pipeline, the…

AWS’s Long-Awaited EFS volume integration with the Fargate feature is finally here. Initially, this feature was available only via the console and now they have extended the support of this feature via the cloud formation template for Dev-ops Community.

With the advent of this feature support now the data can be persisted even after the container stops or restarts as data is stored in EFS volume which is outside of the Fargate compute service.

Let’s take an example of a basic nginx docker container where we are storing the landing page of the nginx in the EFS volume by mounting…

Modernizing a monolithic application is not so easy. It takes a lot of time and effort when it comes to identifying the related dependencies. These days it is really a need to modernize or containerized your application so that we can make them portable, increase development agility, standardize our CI/CD processes, and reduce operational costs.

AWS has recently come up with a command-line tool called “App2Container” which takes care of all the responsibility. It also generates all the necessary cloud formation templates/scripts which are required for the deployment. …

It is quite often these days organizations want to migrate there on-prem application and databases to the cloud. But making a shift to the cloud would necessarily take a long time due to a lot of dependencies.

We normally see that a Database is consumed by multiple applications and it becomes difficult to migrate everything in one go.

AWS gives us a very good feature called on-going replication by using Data Migration service which allows us to sync on-prem DB with the Cloud DB. …

I have recently cleared my CKA exam and i have received a lot of questions from my colleagues about the whole experience. I have decided to pen my thoughts and inputs through this article. It took me 2 attempts to clear this exam. One great thing is that we will get an extra retake exam as a benefit of the COVID days!

As most of you are aware the CKA exam requires a considerable amount of preparation since it focuses on practical/hands-on questions/scenarios rather than a set of Mutiple choice questions. …


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